My soul is hungry, and beautiful places are its foods πŸ‘€βœ¨

It would be so nice to escape in those stressful things for awhile. Why not live? Why not discover things ahead? To travel is to live. To live is to dicover. Feed your hungry soul. Spoil your restless soul. We are all born to see and capture all the beautiful places that God has made πŸ’™


A song that I will never forget

Our song was started…

You were out of my tune

Never knew that we’ll collaborate soon

You..I..we.. have different sound

Proof that the world is round

Who would have thought that

A different chord will cross their path

Those different notes are now pleasant

We created a song, a music, a chant

We doesn’t have a good intro

Doesn’t mean we’ll have a bad outro

I gladly sung my first verse

Never knew it would be better

If we will song the chorus together

Back then, you’re out of my genre

And I’m out of yours as well

Look what we have now..

A perfect song to tell

Maybe I can tell, that our song will never end…

PS. photo is not mine. Ctto ☺️

Age is just a number

Age doesn’t define what you are able to do. It is just a number, yes. Not just because you’re getting too old doesn’t mean you can’t do what you used to do when you were young. Adventures? It’s not only for teenagers. Adventure, specifically, Hiking. Trekking. Climbing. Climbing a hard trail mountain. Who would have thought that an old lady, in her mid 70’s can climb a 700+masl mountain? Well, I never expected that, until one day. The day that I’m afraid to climb the rockies in mt. Maculot. The day that I don’t know if how will I go down in the rockies knowing that I’m almost on the top of the mountain. A hard trail mountain. I really really really don’t know how will I be able to go down safely. Until I saw her. Nanay Tacing. 

Well, it’s not just me. But everyone. Everyone was looking at her that time. Amazed. There is this one word that everyone said. “Wow” yes, wow! I was so afraid before I saw her but after that, I got the confidence to go down. I felt so brave that time. The only thing that’s running on my mind that time is, I want to be like her when I reach her age. I don’t want my age to be a hindrance in the things that I love. Thank you for inspiring me to go down safe, Nanay Tacing πŸ’™
PS, According to my eavesdropping skills, Nanay Tacing is the owner of that land.
PPS, Didn’t able to took her a good shot in this photo cause I’m totally amazed by her. 


Mt. Maculot Adventure πŸ’šβ›°

Mt. Maculot, Cuenca Batangas. 930 meters above sea level. 
Who’s up for an adventure and climb a hard trail? Mt. Maculot is the answer πŸ˜‚ Maculot yung name ng mountain pero para syang nagparebond dahil konti nalang straight na yung puro assault nya! πŸ˜‚

So eto na nga, yan yung inakyat namen. Pero dyan sa photo na yan, naligaw kame!!! Supposedly sa brgy siete ang daan but it turns out na naligaw kame then papuntang grotto pala ang napuntahan namin which is sa brgy 5. Pwede naman pero much better kung sa brgy siete kayo magmumula para rockies agad mapuntahan nyo πŸ’™

So nakuha pa namin magselfie kahit naligaw kame pero okay na rin kase napadaan kami sa church ng cuenca. St. Isidore parish church πŸ’™ sobrang ganda ng church na yon swear. Pray muna before umakyat for him to guide us πŸ’™

Then from brgy 5 sumakay kame ng trike heading to brgy siete dahil andun ang tour guide namen then tadaaaaa, this photo, nasa jump off na kame (brgy 7)
So kain muna kayo sa jump off dahil may kainan don. Para full energy pag mag tetrek na. Then dun na namin nameet yung tour guide namen na si kuya ronnie ☺️

Registration fee: 20pesos

Tour guide: 400 pesos (rockies) 1-5 persons. Add 50 pesos kapag may excess. 6 pax kame so 450 binayaran namen. 

Kapag naman sobrang full pack energy nyo, you can have the traverse. Guide fee: 800 pesos 1-5 persons. Then add 100 pag may excess.

After kumain, start trek agad πŸ˜‚

We’re almost on the halfway of the mountain. Uso magpahinga πŸ˜‚ sabi nga, “ain’t about how fast we get there~”
May mga rules na sasabihin sa inyo yung tour guide. Must follow those rules para safe.

It’s the cliiiiimb πŸ˜‚ maputik yung daan, umaambon that time pero keri lang, may mga makakapitan ka don. Kapit ka sa akin 😢 so medyo malapit na kami sa station 10/14. Ubos na energy pero my dad didn’t raised a quitter so here we go~

Station 10!!!! Yes station 10 pa lang, pero sobrang ganda na ng view (except for the subject hahaha jk) Yung pagod ko mula station 1 hanggang 10, nawala. There really comes a point in your life na mapapa thank God ka ng dahil sa nature πŸ’š 

Heading to the next station!!!! Quick selfie dahil madaming dadaan πŸ˜‚

So yeaaaah, nasa campsite na kame. 15 minutes walk then rockies na. Pero much better kung dito na kayo maglunch para after nyo kumain konti nalang tao sa rockies. Mahaba pila eh πŸ˜‚ Much much better kung magdadala kayo ng foods. Kase mas mahal pa sa 7/11 pricing sa campsite. 30 pesos rice, tatlong subo lang siguro tas 45 pesos pancit canton 😢 tsaka eto lang yung patag ang daan hehez

Ps: dala kayong jacket. Panis ang baguio sa sobrang lamig sa campsite. 

Eto naaaa, inabot pa rin namin hindi ang sea of clouds kundi ang sea of crowds. Hahahaha look at my back guys!!!!

Paakyat sa rockies. Time na magbaback out na talaga ko dahil sobrang delikado yung daan paakyat sa rockies mga beshu! Pero pinicturan ako ng tour guide namen. Ngiting kunwari di takot. Pero isang maling galaw mafafall na ko 😭

Pero dahil nga hindi ako pinalaking quitter, tuloy ang akyat. Pwede umiyak basta tuloy ang akyat mga bes! Not been able to take a photo on the way to the rockies kase baka kapalit buhay ko hahahaha pero on the way up to the rockies wala kong ibang sinabi kundi “I can do this” tsaka syempre nagpapray ako na sana maging safe. Super hirap ng daan so doble ingat guys. 
Time na super proud ako sa sarili ko cause I reached the top. Pero sa photo na yan, naupo muna ko kase nanginginig pa rin ako sa takot. So make yourself calm muna before mag photoshoot. Hahaha

Ohmygaaaas I’m so inlove with the beauty of nature πŸ’š disregard my face hahahaha

Papakamatay ka bes? Oh well, buhay naman sya physically. Ewan ko lang mentally. 
Then yun na sana. Okay na sana ko sa mga photos na nakuha ko kse takot na ko pumunta sa selfie spot. Pero naisip ko na kung kaya nila, edi kaya nila!

Joke. Kung kaya nila, kaya ko den! Basic! Pero sht, mapapa oh yes shit ka sa ganda! Worth the buwis buhay! πŸ’™

then eto na, akala nyo kayo lang? Oh well ako din. Di man kasing tapang ng posing nyo yung ginawa ko, atleast there is this photo na I should be proud of cause I conquered myself. Yes, it’s not the mountains that we conquered it’s ourselves. And one thing I learned that day, It’s hard to reached the top. It really is. There came a point na pipiliin mong magpahinga, there came a point na gusto mo na sumuko pero maiisip mo na bat ka pa nagstart kung susuko ka lang din. Then pag nasa top ka na, dun mo malalaman yung reason why you started then that will be the time na magththankyou ka dahil pinili mo magpatuloy rather than sumuko (watub!) 

Sa sobrang dami ng nagpapicture dito, pang ilang milyon na kaya ako?
Sabi nga nila, the best view comes from the hardest climb πŸ’šπŸ’ͺ🏻 hard trail but worth it! πŸ’™ it’s really not about the distance. Hihi



Everyone is here but still alone

Struggles are shattering my bone

Please, take away all these pain

Cause it strucks like a hurricane

Wish I showed everything then

So that it doesn’t feels like a burden

Please, Listen to me when I say

I’m sorry, I’m sorry if I didn’t obey

Things are falling apart now, yes
And I, I’m falling into pieces

I miss you. I miss your words

Wish you’re still here, being my sword

Coffee πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ

One, two, three… it all started in a coffee β˜•οΈ Funny how things change, you’re just a classmate, and now we’re coffee mates πŸ™ˆ You are a metaphor of coffee. You are as dark as black coffee πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™€οΈLooks like full of bitterness as espresso and sometimes sweet as choco πŸ™…πŸΏ but the best thing about you, You are the real metaphor of hazelnut macchiatto. Bitter-sweet. Bitter at first but when you get to know the real taste, it becomes sweeter. (Be figurative. Not green. Creative thinking is a must πŸ˜‚) But to sum it all, you are a metaphor of coffee. You are so dark. (Yun lang talaga yon)

Hi Lableng! xx


I just talked to you for the sort of keeping myself busy
Just to forget everything that’s keeping me away from being okay
Never thought that I’ll enjoy the companion
And heck, I started to feel the happiness that I have been longing for so long

What’s this curve line that set in my face everytime you talk to me
I have an urge to send you a messages everytime i misses you
It drives me crazy, you’re driving the hell out of me
Cliche, I like the Idea of you driving me crazy

Time goes by and It’s like I am too rich to buy my own world
Own world that doesn’t consist of a galaxy, sattelite or whatsoever
But it is consisted of only one thing, a star
And did I forgot to tell you that you are that star
My world is just consist of you… only you
Then late realization hits me, Even my own feelings betrayed me.